“A BIG BIG THANK YOU to Oscar and Sophia for coming to teach us. Without their patience and attention to detail we would still be struggling with basic steps. Their lessons are well thought out and planned , as well as being professional and fun. They are always keen to be “clear “, moving around the class giving individual attention to everyone. Sundays don’t come round quick enough for me.”
Dot and Bill
June 2013

“I have been dancing for 4 years now and of the many teachers whose lessons I have attended Oscar & Sofia’s are my favourite. Friendly and genuinely approachable, I was immediately taken by their clarity, precision and commitment to teaching tango.”
Malgosia Polewka
May 2013

“We have had lessons with Oscar and sofia for a few years now and we are delighted to have them as teachers, they focus on the most important elements of tango (and any dance really) posture, musicality, and technique this means walking in the right position and with the music.They are also great people and very generous. For me the best teachers”
July 2013

Clearly structured classes and professional teaching with the central focus on good technique rather than an over reliance on steps. Its the real thing, ‘authentic’ Argentine tango! “
June 2013

“After many aborted attempts at learning tango I have at last found in Oscar & Sofia teachers who get the message over in a straightforward way. They teach how to dance well rather than how to dance elaborately.”
June 2013