Letchworth Tango Class (Wednesdays)

Guided practica from 6pm until 7.15pm (before the classes) – £5.

We love tango, we love our fantastic students and we also love  to give a little love back, therefore the money raised from the practica fees will always be donated to a charity.

Classes from 7.30pm– £10 including tea, coffee and cakes.

Tango fundamentals (walking, embrace, posture & technique) from 7.30pm,

Building on the fundamentals (applying correct technique to dancing,  exploring musicality, developing creativity  & individual style) from 8.30pm followed by dancing and music until 11pm.

Please wear comfortable clothing,if you have practice shoes or any shoes with leather or suede sole those would be good however any flats would do.

How to find us

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